Holiday season in new York| Underrated Christmas spruce

Holiday season in new York| Underrated Christmas spruce

When someone says something about a Christmas tree in new York city, all at once think about the evergreen beauty from Rockefeller Center. But few know that in the city there are still dozens of festive trees, which not only inferior, but may even surpass Christmas symbol of new York city by the beauty or singularity.

Did you know, for example, that in Central Park there are entire three floating ate? A spruce in the form of a dinosaur and a Christmas tree decorated with paper figures, executed in the technique of origami.

So don’t hurry to join the crowds on Fifth Avenue in search of a festive mood. Visit the better one of these beauties, but rather several of them. Can’t believe they are worthy of your attention? Well, then see for yourself.

The Roosevelt Hotel

Radio City Music Hall

American Museum of natural history

Helmsley Building

The New York Palace

Central Park

Abingdon Square Park

Bloomberg Tower

Villard Houses

Langham Place Hotel

Brookfield Place