Hi, the weapon!

Hi, the weapon!

The second amendment to the US Constitution legitimizes the right of American citizens to possess and carry a firearm purchase.

Stand your ground – Stand your ground! This means that a resident of America, attacked in his house, business, car should not run away, retreat or hide — No Duty To Retreat. The law says that a free and legally armed American in this case may use a firearm against the assailant. The law provides for the possibility of shooting to kill, in other words, the offender may be killed and defended from the attack should be acquitted.

This law for many years. America, as we know, was not created in heaven. The first colonists moved to America in high-risk environments. Danger lay in wait for the first Americans everywhere. Small settlements were attacked not only the wild beasts but and stray bandits, aggressive Indians, bandits, runaway slaves. We know that of Old world Europe to the New world is moved not only monks, ballet lovers and fair traders. A huge number of adventurers, fugitives from all sorts of punishments, criminals of various calibers, too, fled to America. America is a country of refugees. We all ran away, and America.

The reasons are different. Who is right and who is wrong — I cannot make out. No wonder those days was called the Wild West! «Shoot first, ask later!» — so was the way of the world, and it created those laws. Legal US government was being built. The Central power was weak. The police practically did not exist. Institute sheriffs could not physically cope with crime. People had to protect their homes themselves. In many States and today operates Castle doctrine, that is translated into the Russian language: «My house – my fortress!» So has survived and strengthened America. As a weapon in the hands of the people organized the most democratic country in the world.

Ask, and without weapons, was it possible to organize a democratic state?

I’m not sure! According to the University of Chicago, possession of weapons population reduces the number of homicides by 9% and the number of General crimes by 11%

For comparison Russia 90-ies. Once disintegrated or weakened Central government, instantly crept on all sorts of law enforcers, rapists, tax collectors, raiders, «roof» etc. And started to divide the world in their own way, for themselves and for themselves. And weapons they found, and ask they did not, legal or not. They do not care about bans. Here is a handy legally armed and organized citizens. But no! You cannot own a weapon, not sold, and the rules and traditions of its use for self-defense is not. What was then the Russian known. Democracy and today’s Russia can not be called.

Another example. Modern India, a wave of violence against women. Every day in India raped a few women. Protests were held in all cities. One of the proposed solutions to the Indian Parliament proposed to allow women to carry arms and to kill (!) rapists.

Israel. Anywhere in Israel you will meet the armed men. Young people, boys and girls, soldiers of the Israel defense forces, are openly fighting machines everywhere: in the bus, in the store, on the street. How many terrorist attacks have been prevented that way. How many lives saved! They are there, in Israel, would like to ban the open carrying of weapons, but I can’t.

But, back to America.

The years have passed. The US population grew. Disappeared single coolest cowboys in wide-brimmed hats and leather pants, with two pistols on each side, shooting without a miss with two hands simultaneously, while not removing the cigar from his mouth. No more runaway slaves and their descendants became, frankly, a privileged minority. Not hunting for scalps of the white man the Indians, and they have good lives in America. Why shoot arrows into the white man? Better to ask him for more benefits! And get them without a fight.

Strengthened the police. So much so that, for example, the mayor of new York could put an army of police officers, in number and armament superior to many armies in the world. The police armed with modern tanks, submarines, armored vehicles, planes and helicopters. All the intersections equipped with CCTV cameras. The number of prisoners in the prisons of America than to this indicator, almost all countries of the world.

This I mean that the possibility of maintaining order in America in the 17th century and the 21st is different.

Do I need to arm all citizens?

Sale and manufacture of weapons is big business. Undoubtedly, the business should be supported. But, this business threat. And examples risk free sale of weapons, unfortunately, are many. The country simply astonished at the amount of wild and senseless murders in schools, theaters, colleges. Why? No answer! Nobody will explain to the parents of dead children, why the madman had a gun in his hand. And what a weapon! Automatic, as close as possible to the army! It is whether the right to arms residents was made many years ago by the founding fathers of America? This phenomenon corresponds to the second Amendment to the Constitution: «a US Citizen has the right to carry and use weapons»?

And maybe have a little stop to cool, to understand and correct the Amendment? No, not to abolish, but to clarify. There are also laws governing the sale of alcoholic beverages, gambling, Smoking. Can not be free to sell to whom – got the gun. In Russia said: «On sin and shovel shoots». And certainly you need to cancel the sale of semiautomatic rifles with shops for more than 10 rounds.

The Pro gun lobby, the most powerful political lobby in the country in the U.S. Congress for the buck. «Kill not guns, kill people» they claim. Hard…

The conclusion need to make one:

Of course, not disputing the right of citizens of the United States for safekeeping and use if necessary personal weapons, it is necessary to revise some of the rules of sales, carrying. You cannot sell weapons to a madman. Or half-mad. And even healthy people who have observed the explosions of uncontrolled aggression towards others. Equality is not the issue here. Do not give out licenses to drive a car too young or too elderly, people with poor eyesight or other disabilities.

Why do some people at home kept dozens of guns a firearm? To ban the sale of automatic weapons. Certainly not touch the right of law-abiding and trained citizens in the armed defense of his home and family.

It would be nice also to remove the idiotic shooting game machines, mind-numbing some.

Need to do it all! And, the sooner, the better.