NASA has discovered a «twin» of our Solar system

NASA has discovered a «twin» of our Solar system

National Aeronautics and space administration (NASA) found another solar system with the same number of planets as ours.

The discovery of a new planet around the star Kepler-90, which is similar to our own Sun, means that distant Solar system has a total of eight currently known planets. With this arrangement, the celestial bodies are also very similar: the rocky planets are closer to the Sun and gas giants far away.

NASA has discovered a «twin» of our Solar system

Although the solar system do have much in common, among them there are some differences. For example, a planet in another solar system much closer to each other than ours, but they are quite stable.

The system Kepler-90 is located at a distance of 2,500 light-years from Earth. According to researchers, the chance to search for life on all eight planets is very low.

Astronomer Andrew Vanderburgh said that, most likely, this solar system with eight planets won’t be the last open astronauts. He stressed that the new data confirm the fact that we are not unique.

New planet Kepler-90i (exactly the same as thousands of others) were found by the Kepler telescope using machine learning from Google. Its essence lies in the use of artificial intelligence has learned how to identify planets outside the Solar system, getting transit signals.

With the discovery of an 8th planet orbiting another star 2,500 light years away, we now have another solar system that ties ours for number of worlds! Learn about the #Kepler90 system:

— NASA (@NASA) December 14, 2017