In California, the worst drivers in the US

In California, the worst drivers in the US

California drivers are the worst in the United States. They use smartphones while driving, drive drunk and break the rules. To such conclusion experts QuoteWizard is an online market auto insurance. The study is conducted annually and, interestingly, last year California ranked second list.

«Not the greatest honor to be the state with the worst drivers in the U.S. had California» — these words ends with a report on the results of the study. And the most horrible drivers in California live in Los Angeles, riverside, San Diego, Sacramento and Bakersfield.

For California in the ranking of States with worst drivers are Minnesota, Utah, South Carolina and Washington. But one of the best drivers live in Rhode island.

The rating was compiled on the basis of the analysis of many parameters, including data on the numbers of accidents, fines for speeding, deaths due to accidents, driving while intoxicated.