British Prince Harry has an interview with Obama (video)

British Prince Harry has an interview with Obama (video)

British Prince Harry admitted he was very nervous before interview of Barack Obama. The representative of the Royal family spoke with a former leader of the United States as a guest editor of BBC Radio 4. Video excerpt of the conversation of Prince Harry and Barack Obama before the interview was published by Kensington Palace on Sunday. The conversation began in a joking manner.

«You love this, and I’m nervous about it,» said Prince Obama.

British Prince Harry has an interview with Obama (video)

«Should I talk faster because I’m slow enough the narrator» asked Obama, adding: «I want a British accent?»

«If you start to use the long pauses between responses, you will probably confirm their status,» joked Harry.

The full interview will be published at the end of this month. In it men will discuss the common goal is to promote youth leadership, as well as the emotions and events surrounding the last day of President Obama in the oval office of the White house.

Friendly relations between Barack Obama and Prince Harry began a rather long time. In October, the Prince visited Obama during the summit in Chicago, and together with Michelle Obama talked with students at the University of Chicago. Earlier this year, the former President met with the Prince at Kensington Palace. Men sat next to each other at a basketball game during the Invictus games in Toronto last summer. And of course, Obama did not forget to congratulate Prince Harry on your engagement, after the latter officially announced it.