The choir boys were fed hot peppers and was asked to sing

The choir boys were fed hot peppers and was asked to sing

It turned out that even the traditional Christmas hymn, you can add a spark.

Danish comedian and YouTube star, chili Klaus is known that he invites people to try the spicy variety of chili, the festive season, I decided to test the strength of the Danish boys choir Herning Boys Choir.

The choir boys were fed hot peppers and was asked to sing

The video, through which viewers could observe the course of the experiment, Chile Klaus was divided into two parts. Initially, when boys of different ages perform amazing traditional Christmas hymn «O Come, All Ye Faithful«, nothing portends trouble. But in the middle of the video every one of the choir members get out of the pockets of pepper varieties ghost pepper and eat it. And here is the fun part.

«Ghost pepper» or Naga Jolokia, is one of the most burning in the world, so you can guess that the shutter speed until the end of the anthem has kept all the singers. Especially hard to have had more young boys, though the faces of many of their older comrades have expressed real pain. A choir began to blush and cough, and some even cried. The poor little.

Needless to say that the anthem boys sang with grief in half. Many of them stoically continues to produce some sounds, however, about the harmony and coherence of any speech is not going. Although we must give credit to the guys who made it to the finals and even showed how hard they have it. Compared to other even think they got some defective not spicy chili peppers.

Such experiments are the calling card of Chile Klaus. In October, he did something similar with the musicians of the Danish national chamber orchestrawho had to try multiple varieties of chili, and then play the «Gypsy tango».