Bloomberg | the Guide «pessimist» are the most dangerous events of the coming decades

Bloomberg | the Guide «pessimist» are the most dangerous events of the coming decades

The Agency Bloomberg published their predictions about the dangers that may be waiting the world in the next decade from 2018 to 2028. The so-called «pessimist’s Guide». The forecast is probabilistic, that is, the events described in it, is not obligatory, but is possible when coincidence of several circumstances. The first thing that will surprise you is that despite the loud opinions and statements of many politicians, as well as analysts and experts, professionals , Bloomberg does not believe that the world faces a real nuclear war or massive terrorist attacks, numerous hurricanes, floods, and other disasters. But the list is trump’s re-election for a second term presidency and the struggle with Facebook «fake news». But about all under the order.

So, TOP 10 most dangerous events that can happen in the world in the next 10 years.

Scenario 1
Trump is elected for a second term of presidency

Inspired by the success of tax reform, the President’s going to spend trillions on defense and infrastructure. The Mueller investigation will not establish anything that would indicate trump in the «Russian case». By 2021, the President still manages to repeal Obamacare, but not replace it. In the health care system chaos begins. For the United States, a period of economic recession — a recession and a significant slowdown in economic growth. In this scenario, in 2024, according to Bloomberg, the presidential elections must win a well-known TV presenter-Democrat Jimmy Kimmel. After another 4 years, the two «political pillar» of the United States — the Republican and the Democratic party completely disintegrate, which would entail large-scale political crisis.

Bloomberg | the Guide «pessimist» are the most dangerous events of the coming decades

Scenario 2
«Fake news» kill Facebook

After Russia the art of «fake news» wants to master in his order and other countries of the planet, so no matter how many new employees are not attracted to Facebook to fight against «fakes» — he is the loser. 50% of traffic to Twitter will be submitted to the bots and «fake accounts», the trolls. People will no longer distinguish right from wrong and will not know whom to believe. By 2028 50% of Russians will assume that trump is President for life of USA thanks all the same «fake news».

Scenario 3
Bitcoin will replace the banking system

Because of the great vulnerability of banks to hacker attacks and break-ins, bitcoin will be to strengthen its position. By 2021 year, the cost of one bitcoin will reach $ 100,000on bitcoin will go to Greece and several other countries in Africa. By 2028, the banking system as we know it today will cease to exist. The cost of bitcoin will continue to grow and will reach $ 1,000,000.

Bloomberg | the Guide «pessimist» are the most dangerous events of the coming decades

Scenario 4
North Korea tries to start a war, and Kim Jong UN dies

Don’t worry — the attempt will not succeed. The DPRK launched the missile will fall into the 20 kilometers from the coast of the United States and, to your surprise, trump decides not to respond to provocation. In 2019 Kim Jong UN dies of a heart attack. The new government will stop the nuclear program. The United States and China will establish friendly relations and States «will close eyes» on the return China Taiwan. But the problems in the East will not be less. Japan will develop nuclear weapons and become a full-fledged nuclear state by 2028.

Scenario 5
Jeremy Corbyn will begin to build in the UK socialism

Theresa may clearly took the position of Prime Minister is not the light for the country.One by one the failures in negotiations over withdrawal from the EU would cost her position. The next Prime Minister will be the labour MP Jeremy Corbyn. The UK will begin the path to socialism: free education, medicine, all kinds of reforms will only strengthen the leader, however, would significantly hit the budget that by 2028 could lead to a terrible default.

Bloomberg | the Guide «pessimist» are the most dangerous events of the coming decades

Scenario 6
The protests of pensioners collapse of Europe

French pensioners protest against the attempt of the President of Emmanuel Macron to reform the generous pension system, and the Italian elections show a sharp division between the generations. Pensioners vote for is already known, Silvio Berlusconi. Portugal, Italy, Spain, Greece experiencing a financial crisis. Scotland becoming independent, Belgium falls into three parts, France becomes a socialist. The unemployment rate among young people is 50%. From the old Europe, not a trace remains.

Scenario 7
China begins large-scale trade war

The reason of starting trade wars will become, oddly enough, climate change. Due to global warming in China will dry up the river, but this country will suffer from a powerful in the modern history of the Typhoon that will hit Shanghai. Friendship with the US that China uses to exert pressure on States to sign trump Paris agreement on climate change. It would also impose trade sanctions against countries that have most harmed the environment, including Russia. By 2028 all vehicles China will be replaced by electric, the country will actively monitor compliance with environmental regulations.

Scenario 8
The age of Oil will end with the victory of electric vehicles

Perhaps this item from the list, Bloomberg was one of the most predictable. Experts say that the price for a barrel of oil by 2021 will drop to $ 20, it will be a «shock» to the economy of the USA and Russia. Low demand for diesel and petrol cars will severely hit Japan and over the USA. Workers in the oil factories of Russia are protesting. Another forecast, which seems incredible today — Vladimir Putin leaves the post of President of the Russian Federation, its place is taken by the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina. Russia on the verge of collapse. The collapse of OPEC. The largest oil company in the world bankrupt.