Robo-tramp appeared at Disney World

Robo-tramp appeared at Disney World

A new inhabitant has appeared in the animatronic Hall of presidents in Disney World. This time the robotic mechanical double full size has got none other than Donald trump, who is in Orlando already very very tired of waiting.

Mechanical version of a guarantor like a glove fit in the company 43 of his predecessors. The counterpart of Mr. trump stands near the seated Abraham Lincoln in the center of the scene, and to distinguish it from the original only upon closer examination.

Robo-tramp appeared at Disney World

Hall of presidents, located in the area of Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom, one of the four theme parks in Orlando, Florida, which are included in Disney World, was closed on January 17, three days before the inauguration of Mr. trump. Attraction dedicated to the history of the United States and their leaders, with a focus on core values was to re-open in late June, just in time for Independence Day, but shortly before the appointed time Disney announced that the return of the legend can not be expected before the «end of 2017», as well as the arrival of the figure of the President of the trump.

Hall of presidents appeared at the Magic Kingdom in 1971. To see the Robo-twins presidents, visitors must enter the building, whose facade is similar to independence hall in Philadelphia, where they are encouraged to watch a short historical film. After that, the word takes animatronic Abraham Lincoln. The program culminates when the pieces come to life other presidents who nod or wave to the audience during the roll call.

Starting with President bill Clinton, appeared in the Hall of presidents in 1993, every new leader gets his line, they say every show until they take office. Disney is working directly with the presidents to get a voice recording that is a guarantor for even greater reliability.

Some time in the network there were rumors that Mr. trump will remain speechless, however, this has not happened, despite a petition signed by over 15,000 people. «First of all, to be American means to be optimistic, to believe that we can always do better, and what the best days of our great nation is yet to come,» says the figure of the tramp in spite of all opponents.

Disney representatives said that in addition to the figures of Mr trump’s newly opened Hall of presidents, it boasts a new sound system, lighting system and high definition projector.