A child conceived in 1992, was born in 2017

A child conceived in 1992, was born in 2017

A woman from Tennessee gave birth to a child, who was conceived 25 years ago. Experts believe that this is unprecedented.

Emma Rena Gibson was born 25 Nov. But before that for 25 years she was a frozen embryo that was donated for the clinic in Knoxville.

A child conceived in 1992, was born in 2017

Parents of Emma, Tina and Benjamin Gibson, admit that they were surprised when they were told the exact age of the embryo.

«You know, I’m only 25? This embryo, and I could be best friends», — shared his thoughts the young mother.

Tina and Benjamin got married 7 years ago. When the couple learned about the diagnosis of Benjamin cystic fibrosis, which led to infertility, they decided that this is not the end. First, they were willing to adopt a child, but one day, Tina’s father asked them to consider the so-called embryo adoption. After studying this issue, and consultations with doctors of the National center for embryo donation the couple has decided to take this step.

According to the President of the clinic, Dr. Jeffrey Keenan, while it is impossible to say exactly whether to call this case unique. The fact that the records of the clinic of family planning are private, and there is no common database about the age of the embryos when they were introduced into the woman’s uterus. But experts still believe that, most likely, Emma really set a record.

Sean Tipton, a representative of the American society of reproductive medicine, noted that in fact, from a medical point of view, the time of freezing of the embryo doesn’t matter. According to experts, the main risks can be at the time of thawing of the embryo. If the embryo survives then, then he is no different from any other embryo.

Gibson said in an interview that the choice of the embryo was just looking in the clinic, parents who would like them. According to Dr. David Adamson, it is common practice, when couples choose donors who have similar height, weight, color of hair and eyes, body type, and, of course, nationality. In addition, the parents pay attention to religion, education, the presence of certain talents and interests.

Tina admitted that he was thinking about implementing two of the remaining embryos were sisters or brothers of Emma, but after their first childbirth – are not yet ready to take this big step.

MIRACLE BABY: Emma Wren was born after being frozen for more than 24 years as an embryo. Her mother says she’s a miracle and will have quite the story to tell someday. @wbir READ: https://t.co/iSAw1Yk1jQ pic.twitter.com/k6TFCqLJNg

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