New York asked not to make noise at night

New York asked not to make noise at night

For anybody not a secret that new York is the city that never sleeps. Yes, and, hand on heart, to sleep in such a bustling metropolis like the Big Apple?

It seems the city Council have asked the same question: Tuesday, December 19, he presented the bill aims to reduce the level of noise in the city. “The law on responsibility for violation of silence” imply stricter standards and supervision for construction crews who work at night (from 18:00 to 7:00 a.m.).

Proposed by city Councilman Ben Kallos, the bill will require local Department of environmental protection (DEP) more careful consideration and a prompt response to complaints about noise at night. Currently, for teams working during the night, the maximum noise level is 85 decibels at a distance of 200 feet from residential buildings. Under the new rules, it will be 75 decibels by 2020.

If the law passes, instead of having to schedule meetings with the tenants and carry out inspections, the inspector will be able to verify the seriousness of the offense, simply by dening the noise level on the street. Also, under the new rules, he will have to arrive at the place where the complaint within two hours.

The bill still awaits the approval of mayor De Blasio.