The end of 2017: the best and worst of the profession of the year

The end of 2017: the best and worst of the profession of the year

The choice of the choice of work affects a huge number of factors, chief of which is, very often, wage. In addition, it is always interesting what makes people who choose a particular professional path.

To get to the truth, as a rule, you need to dig a huge amount of statistics, and this involved many analysts and serious Internet resources. For example, GoBankingRates collected data from Career Cast, to show the highest paid and the lowest paid jobs in 2017. The basis for the classification was the average annual salary, and the potential to increase in the next decade provided by the Bureau of labor statistics.

The end of 2017: the best and worst of the profession of the year

In the list of the worst professions in this year’s best fared in the cleaner, which is located on 10th place with an annual salary of $24,190 and possible growth in 2016-2026 year at 10%. This work is not always pleasant and clean. Just imagine how many latrines need to be tidied up and how many floors need to be cleaned. Unfortunately, even the most thorough cleaning of buildings is not paid too highly.

First place in this sad ranking are the waiters, on average, earning annually about $19,630, which in 10 years will increase by only 14%. These wretches, save only that they earn not only your stake but also the tip. Waiters and waitresses work long and hard so that customers can get pleasure from going to a particular restaurant, so do not skimp on tips, because for some people they do matter.

In the list of the best of the best most highly paid professions in 2017 require serious education, which, in fact, is not surprising. Least of all in this ranking earn pharmacists, who typically pay $122,230 annually, however, growth in 10 years may be only 6%. The pharmacist should be well versed in medicines to advise patients and health professionals on correct dosage, side effects and interactions with other drugs. In order to become a pharmacist, you must obtain a degree in pharmacy from an accredited institution. The Bureau of labor statistics predicts that in the future will increase the demand for pharmacists in hospitals and clinics, especially in light of the aging generation of baby boomers.

Well, the palm, and also the most profitable jobs in the USA this year get surgeons. Their average salary was fixed at $409,665, and in the period from 2016 to 2026 it can still grow at 17%. But, a lot of money entails great responsibility, in this case associated with saving lives and blood on his hands.

A list of the lowest paid professions in 2017

10. Cleaner — $24,190, 10%
9. Worker recreation industry — $23,870, 9%
8. The seller — $22,900, 2%
7. Home help on health care — $21,170, 40%
6. Maid — $21,820, N/A
5. Worker at child care — $21,170, 7%
4. Bartender — $20,800, 2%
3. Dishwasher — $20,800, N/A
2. Cashier — $20,180, -1%
1. Waiter — $19,630, 14%.

A list of the highest paid professions in 2017

10. Pharmacist — $122,230, 6%
9. Aviadispatcher — $122,410, 3%
8.Podiatr (Podiatry — branch of medicine concerned with treating disorders of the foot and lower leg) — $124,830, 10%
7. A petroleum engineer is $128,230, 15%
6. Dentist — $153,900, 17%
5. Executive Director — $181,210, -3%
4. General practitioner — $190,490, 16%
3.Psychiatrist — $194,740, 13%
2. Orthodontist — $208,000, 17%
1. Surgeon — $409,665, 17%