The NYPD is ready to combat drunk drivers during the holidays

The NYPD is ready to combat drunk drivers during the holidays

New York is preparing for the holidays. Security will be provided not only in protecting against possible terrorist acts and attacks, but also in terms of ensuring public order and road safety. The festive period is particularly dangerous for pedestrians because the roads there is a lot of drunk drivers. However, how to deal with them know in the NYPD. On the measures to be taken against violators, the Department said Wednesday.

During the celebration of Christmas and New year, the police of new York city will monitor traffic conditions, identifying drivers operating a vehicle while intoxicated (drugs, alcohol, toxic). Such offenders risk being left without a car, which will be removed and placed on a fine site, and also driver’s license. police can stop any driver whose appearance or behavior made them suspicious.

The NYPD is ready to combat drunk drivers during the holidays

«The NYPD takes a radical stance against driving while intoxicated,» said the head of the Transport police of new York Thomas Chen at a press conference on Wednesday. «Whether it’s alcohol or drugs, our officers will have zero tolerance in terms of enforcing the rules of the road».

Thursday, December 21 — the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. He could be one of the most deadly, because according to statistics, in winter, from November to March, the death of pedestrians in road accidents increased by as much as 40% ofthat and talk about the day with the longest night.

At the same time, officials noted some positive trends. So from November 2016 to March 2017, the mortality rate among pedestrians decreased by 25% due to the increased vigilance of the police in the dark. However, police say that this indicator depends not only on the responsibility of drivers, as well as the care of the police, but also from the caution of pedestrians. Should not be crossing the road at night, listening to music with headphones, or perform any action on your smartphone, it is recommended in the NYPD.

Against driving while intoxicated were made by the Commission for taxi and limousine. She offers withcidco in the amount of $ 10 to all who will travel during the holidays, make it through the app Curb.