The most popular questions about Santa Claus on Google

The most popular questions about Santa Claus on Google

Despite the fact that in many parts of the United States is now worth quite warm weather, it’s hard to ignore the fact that Christmas is already almost on the doorstep. As you approach the holidays people turn to Google with the very typical queries such as how to please the colleagues with gifts, or what to do with a person who is overdone with Christmas cocktails.

But in addition, often included questions about the main character of the winter holiday season – Santa Claus. Today we will discuss with you the most common questions related to old-fashioned St. Nicholas, and some of them may even seem a little strange.

How to draw Santa?

The first question is fairly innocuous, but perhaps the better question is «How to make cute little desserts in the form of Santa Claus?», because if you suddenly want to be creative, why not make it edible? On the Pinterest site, you can find plenty of instructions and pictures that will inspire both on the artistic and culinary achievements.

How to call Santa?

Here is the situation becomes more interesting. Imagination immediately draws a handful of elves in pointed caps with bells, that spread magic symbols of candy and call Santa Claus. But seriously, here we are talking more about the phone call (in the original question sounds like How to call Santa). In the same Google you can find some suitable phones of hot lines, and if you don’t like it, you can always find a smartphone app, because now they exist on all occasions.

The most popular questions about Santa Claus on Google

How to catch Santa?

Even more curious question, sponsored by, most likely, is the Grinch who stole Christmas. I would imagine to entice the old wizard on cookies and milk, however, it immediately takes you into the naughty list, where your name will remain forever. But you should Google this intriguing query, as everything is quite prosaic – there is a children’s book with the same name (namely, How to Catch Santa), which is extremely popular at Christmas.

How to draw a Santa hat?

Probably there is nothing easier than to draw a red cap of Santa Claus with white fringe and a charming pompom on the end. Ease of execution makes it ideal for drawing a child, so if you need step by step instructions for the youngest, should go all on that Pinterest, or even YouTube, where knowledgeable people help and teach you.

The most popular questions about Santa Claus on Google

Where is Santa now?

This question is usually included in the chain: «Santa exists? And if so, where is he now?». Kids today have phones with GPS support, and they know how hard it is to stay online. So if Santa Claus is real, they would like to track its location. For this Command aerospace defense of North America (abbreviated as NORAD) has launched a special tracker that tracks the movement of Santa’s sleigh at a time as he delivers gifts around the world. Before Christmas Santa and his elves are busy in the North pole to prepare to sail around the world. On a special website, you can explore the workshop of Santa Claus, listen to Christmas songs and play themed games.

How reindeer Santa?

This question is completely logical, it really is hard to remember them all. Reindeer of Santa Claus like the Kardashians always someone who you forget as long as a new photo in Instagram will not flood the entire Internet. Fortunately, the Santa’s reindeer has its own page on Wikipedia where you can find satisfactory answers.

Where lives Santa?

You know, a very controversial issue. The birthplace of Santa Claus (and current residence) is actually a hotly debated issue. People probably Google this info when someone says that Santa lives in a place that is not the North pole (by the way, in the USA there is a town with a similar name).