Children in the letter apologized to the police for a false call

Children in the letter apologized to the police for a false call

Two brothers from Manhattan, four and six years, wrote a letter to the local police station. They also asked the police to forgive them for the false alarm. In the absence of the parents of the boys phoned the «hot line» 911 and one of them said that he was a robber.

«Dear police Department, I’m sorry to have called 911 and said, «I’m the burglar», — stated in the letter, written by 6-year-old boy named Bradenpublished at the 19th precinct on the Upper East side on Twitter. «I promise I won’t do it, and I’m not going to lie.»

4-year-old brother «telephone hooligan» police wrote a similar letter of apology.

It turns out, December 5, the boys stayed home by themselves. They called 911 and one of them said he was a «robber». After that, he hung up.

What was the surprise of the brothers when the police came to their home. Officers began to question the boys about the incident, suggesting to the house that really gets into the robber. Confused, the boys began to invent some unbelievable excuses.

After the incident, the mother took both boys to the police station, where they left their letters.

Touched by the sincerity of the kids Department staff kindly explained to the brothers what is «hot line» and why such things do not joke. Later, visit the site in the Twitter published a response: «Dear Braden, we forgive you because you confessed to a crime he did not commit. Just remember that you should call 911 only when you need our help, but try to do it only in emergencies. With love, the 19th precinct of the NYPD».

Dear Braden,

We forgive you for turning yourself in for a crime you didn’t commit.

Just remember you are always encouraged to call 911 if you want our help, but try to limit it to emergencies only.


The NYPD-19th Precinct

— NYPD 19th Precinct (@NYPD19Pct) December 19, 2017