The opinion I “Why I hate the United States?”

The opinion I “Why I hate the United States?”

The familiar title, isn’t it? Over the past two years I’ve read dozens of notes, which was titled that way. Some just causes for hatred there — and aggressive foreign policy (as written by those who live outside the U.S.), and bad medicine (complain local), and even poor quality manicure in new York — that is the reason voiced by one Russian-speaking immigrant in her note.

I live in the States seven years, and love this country as I love a good man — Yes, not without flaws, but good qualities clearly outweigh, and, as they say, no good deed goes unpunished. However, I can announce a few items that I do not what are not satisfied, but certainly make you feel uncomfortable. If they will force me to leave the country? No. If forced to hate her? No, of course. But they are there.

So, what I can’t get used to USA (new York):

The disregard of the authorities to the problems of animals.

I mean millions and sweetest pit bulls, which multiply in poverty and from poverty to earn the dog fights and the sales of puppies, and another puppy mill. For some time investigations of crimes against animals involved even the FBI. But this is not enough. And yet no major politician said that the problem should be solved at the Federal level. Which is a pity.

To work do not want to accept because no experience and no experience because without it, do not take the job.

This vicious circle can not be annoying. I forge summary, coming up with experiences or to look for work through friends. Those who graduated from a school in the US, it is easier to work they usually start in high school and College already have a no experience.

Another thing — the expats: work experience in another country in the United States is usually counted bad (exception — individual-paying profession), the local experience is not enough for them. While in the interns arrived reluctant to take, just because of the experience brought from another country, they say, why do you need a internship, because you already know everything!

The English system of measures.

How are classic: pour ink and cry… This is the case. The Fahrenheit which year I translate in Celsius, liters into gallons, pounds into grams, kilograms and ounce, inch, foot… All this cacophony well describes one example of a — pound English pound, but in store the price tag is denoted as LB, from the Latin word libra. In General, chaos.

Without a car anywhere.

In a big city like new York without your car can be easily accommodated. But it is a little off to the side and all or go on foot or go on foot.

I got to the glorious city of Punksatony is a place in Pennsylvania, where Groundhog Phil announces the beginning of spring. Coach Boudreau took me to the town. And then everything to the hotel I had to get almost two miles of track laid in the forest, with wolves, deer and other fun. Local clerk, upon learning my situation, appealed to the police, who stopped for coffee. And he took me to the car with its lights flashing to the hotel.

The problem is that I arrived a couple of weeks before the day when Phil bring to the area. And buses let out on routes only this day, when Punksatony thousands of people gather. That’s about it. Because the local kids begin to drive at the age of fifteen, and old ladies go to their cars in wheelchairs. And so everywhere in the USA.

I live in new York, but because of the subway.

All in one sentence. More nothing to add.

Bad Internet (in the same new York city)

Strange but true — the country that gave the Internet and Wi FI world it’s not that difficult, but it is problematic to connect. Moreover, it is more expensive than in other countries. That’s why, for example, in the glorious city of new York there are those who, for example, steal the Internet. To connect one for $ 500. Do not pay more than necessary. But remember — it is stolen.

The tendency of Americans to talk.

No, it’s not a direct problem. Just in the subway, on a plane, in a queue or somewhere else I like to talk. Not beech, but conversations with strangers is not my thing. Americans love to socialize. Especially if you see that you’re new, for example, in their city, and hear you speak with an accent…

No, they are very correct and discreet, but will never refuse the opportunity to speak with a native from another country to tell about their children, to hear about yours, to wash the bones of the President (his, and not someone else’s), and so on, further, further…

Local news first, then everything else.

In Japan when the earthquake occurred, the American news reported by almost one sentence at the end of the issue. Let on other continents and in other countries, converge and diverge tectonic plates, let them carry out another nuclear test, let someone the President will run naked in front of his residence — all of this in the American news will be told at the last turn.

Prohibition of washing machines in the apartments.

This, of course, to high-rise buildings, where laundries are located on the ground floor or in the basement (not always), and about apartments in private homes. It is clear that in this way the owners of the buildings want to protect themselves from different problems — from leaks to the circuit wiring. A public Laundry is a piece of crap.

A ban on Pets in apartments.

Again, not ubiquitous but very common rule, which in the same new York overcrowded animal shelters. Not so long ago in the Big Apple lifted the ban on keeping dogs under a certain weight, who loved to use the owners of condominiums. They say that a dog is possible, but up to five pounds of weight! Now, if the dog is allowed, to limit the weight has no rights. However, the abolition alone of this prohibition is clearly insufficient.