Friends learned that they were brothers after 60 years

Friends learned that they were brothers after 60 years

Alan Robinson and Walter MacFarlane after 60 years of friendship found out that they are brothers, born with a difference of only 15 months.

A special bond unites friends, who grew up in Hawaii, from an early age. MacFarlane never saw his father, and Robinson lived in a foster home. Met in the sixth grade, they almost immediately became friends and spent their childhood together playing football.

Friends learned that they were brothers after 60 years

«[Still] We love cribbage. Played it all my life,» says MacFarlane.

«I won,» he recalls Robinson.

All this time the brothers did not even know about their relationship. The discovery occurred by accident: Walter tried for years to find out who his father and, not having achieved success in social networks, used the search service via the native DNA Robinson also tried to find her family.

First in the list of possible relatives Walter saw a user with a nickname robi737. It was then that the man started to guess about the possible relationship with your best friend.

«[Alan] called Robbie. He worked as a pilot — flew 737s for Aloha Airlines, «explains Cindy MacFarlane-Flores, daughter MacFarlane.

A few phone calls helped to understand that men are born of the same mother.

The friends announced the discovery of relatives and friends on Saturday evening. Walter and Alan’s big plans: they are going to travel, enjoying retirement together now as a family.

«This is the best Christmas present that I could only dream of.» — says Robinson.