Legendary Magnolia Jackson, growing at the White house, will cut down this week

Legendary Magnolia Jackson, growing at the White house, will cut down this week

This week the South facade of the White house will undergo major changes: historic tree – Magnolia Jackson, who grew up in this place from the 1800-ies, spilite. It is reported by CNN. It is the oldest Magnolia (grandiflora) on the White house grounds. In the flowering season it is covered with pale pink flowers and is pleasing to the eye, decorating a lawn on which the Windows of the dining room.

200-year-old tree can boast of a truly legendary story, but now it is recognized as «dying» and too damaged. This was the reason for the decision on the cut surface. Assessment of the tree was carried out by specialists from the National arboretum of the United States. The conclusion is simple: the tree must be destroyed and as quickly as possible. At the moment it is held by means of supports, but without their presence, or in the case of damage – it can break down and fall will damage the building or people.

Legendary Magnolia Jackson, growing at the White house, will cut down this week

The last word in the decision about the end of Magnolia was said to the first lady by Melania trump.

«Mrs. trump personally reviewed the records of the National arboretum of the United States and told his employees about all the possible scenarios before making a decision about the end of Magnolia,» said CNN White house communications Director , Stephanie Grisham. «After reviewing the reports, it agreed that it has taken all measures to preserve the historic tree and was concerned for the safety of visitors and press representatives, who often stand directly under the tree.»

Magnolia, in question, has its own name. It is called the Magnolia Jackson, because it was planted on the direct orders of the seventh US President Andrew Jackson. This happened in 1828 year.

Magnolia was chosen. It is a favorite tree of the wife of Jackson — Rachel, who died during his presidential campaign. The sapling was brought from a farm couple in Tennessee. Amazingly beautiful tree appeared often in photos from the White house, he held various ceremonies and holidays, and now it itself is ready to become history.

A few facts from the history of Magnolia Jackson

  • From 1928 to 1998, the tree was depicted on the reverse side of the 20-dollar bills.
  • In 1994, a single-engine plane crashed on the South lawn of the White house, it’s a stray chip cut off a large branch of Magnolia Jackson.
  • Laura Bush, inspired by the beauty of the tree, ordered for the White house set of China, called «The Magnolia Residence China». Painting service has painted the leaves and flowers of Magnolia.
  • Michelle Obama in 2009 gave a seedling from the Jackson Magnolia to the Department of agriculture of the United States. Now the same Magnolia blossoms in community garden Ministry.
  • In 2016, Barack Obama presented a seedling from the Jackson Magnolia as a gift to the people of Cuba; it was planted during the visit of the President of the United States. Seedlings of the Magnolia are generously distributed to various famous people and politicians as a sign of gratitude and appreciation of their work.

It should be noted that the story does not end with cutting the tree. For this event the White house was preparing to advance. And now in greenhouses grows 8-10 new Magnolia seedlings which were taken from Magnolia Jackson. A little later one of the trees would be replanted at the same place and the story can continue.