E-bikes in new York will be under the strict prohibition

E-bikes in new York will be under the strict prohibition

Electric bike is one of the cheapest and affordable means of transportation after conventional bikes. These vehicles often use couriers, for example, the food carriers. However, the city of new York has promised to impose a strict ban on the use, loved by many workers and ordinary citizens bikes.

«The use of electric bicycles to operate on the streets of new York illegally, and those who are on the top of the food chain should be held accountable», — said the representative of the city of Austin Finan. «Rather than simply to impose fines on couriers and cyclists], we’re going to prosecute the enterprise, perekleivanie the punishment on the shoulders of the employees«.

The sale and purchase of electric bikes in the city are allowed, but after the trip, the driver can impose a fine up to $500. Mayor De Blasio announced that the use of transport for delivery will be subject to a fine of $ 100 to the enterprise for the first time and 200 $ in the second.

Many new Yorkers complain about belogolovcev. Speed electric bike is easier to gain, but because some of them go down the street at a speed of 20 miles per hour and above.

For employees delivery that’s bad news. That said, the source on this occasion Clement Martinez, who moved to the U.S. from Mexico:

«This is unfair because people like me, depend on them. [Electric bikes] allow us to work and support our families».

A lawyer from the rights group of cyclists , Elizabeth Jordan explained the source of his position on the mayor’s statement follows:

«They need these bikes to get that kind of work. <…> In the end, it’s more likely to affect workers«.

In 2017 year, police have already confiscated around 1 thousand vehicles in the campaign against e-bikes on the streets of new York.