17 interesting facts 2017

17 interesting facts 2017

Pew Research Center annually conducts a variety of surveys. Their subject matter is very wide: from politics to issues of marriage and family. Bringing together their research, they published 17 interesting facts.

17 interesting facts 2017 Between supporters of the Democratic and Republican parties increased disagreements

The average discrepancies between the adherents of parties has increased to ten points on key public policy issues. It should be noted that in 1994, these differences were 15, now 36.

17 interesting facts 2017

17 interesting facts 2017 The presidency of Donald trump had a negative impact on the international image of the country.

If the previous President to the United States a positive attitude 60% of the foreign respondents, in 2017, the number of well-wishers States decreased to the level of 49%.

17 interesting facts 2017 Forty percent of Americans have in his house arms. The third part carries it with him

Self-defense is one of the main reasons for carrying weapons. Moreover, 74% of respondents consider it their birthright. Almost as many (73%) can’t imagine being without a gun. Most owners of firearms is a white men and rural residents.

17 interesting facts 2017

17 interesting facts 2017 Criticism restrains politicians

Nine out of ten supporters of the Democratic party think that the criticism of the media is holding back the politicians from making the wrong steps. It is noteworthy that the people who vote for the Republican party, is less skeptical in this matter.

Only 42% of respondents believe that politicians are open to criticism.

17 interesting facts 2017 Islam is the fastest growing religion

According to statistics, by 2035 the number of children born in Muslim families higher than families professing Christianity. Europe is now home to approximately 5% Muslimah of the total population. By mid-century, without taking into account immigration, their number will increase to 7.5%.

17 interesting facts 2017 Reducing Hispanic identity

11% or 5 million people in the US, with South American roots, identificeret themselves as Americans. Although this share is still small, but the number of Hispanics who consider themselves Hispanics, decreasing every year.

17 interesting facts 2017 Gender differences

Despite formal equality, women still feel discrimination. This manifests itself in everything: in work and approach to child-rearing, social issues.

17 interesting facts 2017 Many Americans believe that soon their jobs will the robots take

Approximately 75 % of the respondents assume that in the near future they will be replaced by robots or computer programs. While 30% of respondents hope that their work will be facilitated by automation.

17 interesting facts 2017

17 interesting facts 2017 Most Republicans believe in the negative influence of the colleges

65% of supporters of the Republican party believe that the College gives only a negative effect. Two years ago, the results were the opposite. 54% of respublikantsev saw them only a positive direction.

17 interesting facts 2017 The growth of working-age immigrants increases

By 2035 this number is expected to grow to 38.5 million. Now there are foreigners in the U.S. nearly 34 million.

17 interesting facts 2017 In the first two months of negative news about President trump was more than about President Obama

In 2017, 62% of news about the newly elected head of state bore a negative connotation. In 2009 about Obama their was only 20%.

17 interesting facts 2017 The number of unmarried Americans has increased over the last 10 years

People without a partner or unmarried increased from 2007 by three percent. Now, single Americans 42%.

17 interesting facts 2017

17 interesting facts 2017 Refugees still remain in the dark

More than a million people who requested asylum in late 2016, still remain in limbo. They are not denied assistance, and permissions are not granted on arrival in the United States.

17 interesting facts 2017 Eight out of ten understand the problems of police work

The police themselves believe that their work is underestimated

17 interesting facts 2017 Six out of ten Americans aged 18 to 29 watch television programs via the Internet

Among the older generation this mark is significantly lower – 28%. Older people still prefer TV.

17 interesting facts 2017 African-Americans have less rights

And here Republicans and Democrats showed the opposite results. 78% of Democrats believe that the rights of African-Americans disadvantaged. 72% of Republicans believe in equality. Themselves as African-Americans (92%) share the opinion of Democrats.

17 interesting facts 2017 The level of education is closely linked with the position on climate change

Higher education and a supporter of the Democratic party, the pessimistic attitude to climate change. 93% of Democrats with higher education believes that climate change is manmade.