An ardent opponent of gambling won $25 Grand sweepstakes

An ardent opponent of gambling won $25 Grand sweepstakes

Kathy Gilroy — actively fighting against gambling, considering the cause of crime, bankruptcy, addiction and suicide. But need to know your enemy in the face. Apparently, that’s considered the 68-year-old resident of Villa Park, Illinois.

An ardent opponent of gambling won $25 Grand

Recently Gilroy won $25 thousand for the sweepstakes in a café with slot machines. What will a woman do with the income earned such a dubious belief in her way?

An ardent opponent of gambling won $25 Grand sweepstakes

Before you make a decision, she consulted with the pastor that suggested that heaven rewarded her for her successful struggle with gambling and the winnings you can keep. This PEP talk calmed the woman and now she has another dilemma: to take money or a car.

Representatives of the gambling industry in a loss of double standards Gilroy, because recently she contributed to the closure of the lottery Queen of Hearts, owned by the Union of veterans of foreign wars.

However, the woman did not see anything in his actions reprehensible. She calms herself with the thought that the tote is not a casino and not machines against which it acts. In addition, state law allows you to place free bets.

As reported by the Chicago Tribune, Gilroy perfectly familiar with gambling. More than ten years ago, she won $700 on the racetrack, but was unable to stop in time and quickly lost money. The negative experience did not stop her to try the totes. 25 thousand is not her first win. Earlier the woman already got the TV, trips to California and the Bahamas.