In California formed a queue of those wishing to legally buy marijuana

In California formed a queue of those wishing to legally buy marijuana

In the New year, California joined with the legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes.

«Grass» is now available for people over the age of 21.

In California formed a queue of those wishing to legally buy marijuana

However, is to find a legal point of sale of cannabis will not be easy – traders must obtain local permission and license of the state. As reported by The Associated Press, more than 90 outlets received these licenses. Most are concentrated in the San Diego, Santa Cruz, San Francisco Bay Area and Palm Springs area.

Company Urbn Leaf, which operates stores in Bay Park and Golden Hill, rented a bus to take customers who want to buy marijuana right after New year’s, in Pacific Beach. The company also has more than 30 drivers who make deliveries to San Diego – where the trade is particularly brisk.

«We can deliver the marijuana in 20 minutes, like pizzas,» says Los Angeles Times will Senn, co-founder of Urbn Leaf.

By noon Monday, January 1, near the shop gathered all of the tens or even hundreds of people. «This is crazy. We, of course, hoping for many clients and prepared, but did not expect,» adds will Senn

A few hours in the shop served more customers than at other times of the day.

«That’s what we all were waiting for,» says johnny Hernandez, a tattoo artist from Modesto. «Marijuana helps a lot of people even for medical purposes, and there is no reasons that you can’t just sell».

66-year-old Jeff Deakin with his wife and dog actually spent the whole night in anticipation of the opening of stores in Harborside, arguing that it is very important for him to be able to legally buy cannabis, and not «back alley».

Press Secretary of the California commisionon control of cannabis Alex Traverso said that he had no information that there were any problems or incidents at points of sale of marijuana in the state (and those are about 100).

However, the law costs money. As experts say, legalization will significantly increase the price of marijuana by about 25%.

It is expected that by 2020, the turnover of the market of legal cannabis in the state will be about 7 billion dollars.