2017 was the safest in the history of civil aviation

2017 was the safest in the history of civil aviation

Despite the fact that last year a record number of passengers in the world took advantage of the airline, 2017 was the safest year in the history of civil aviation.

About this in his annual report said the Dutch organization To70.

2017 was the safest in the history of civil aviation

It says only about two accidents related to small turboprop aircraft, which killed 13 people. Note that the two accidents that occurred on the eve of the New year – the crash of a seaplane in Sydney (killing six people) and the crash of the Cessna in Costa Rica (killed 12 people) – not included in the report, as both aircraft weighing less than 5700 kg, the threshold for report To70.

Among the fatal accidents in the report were:

  • October, Angola fell medical the Embraer Brasilia. Seven people were killed.
  • November, Khabarovsk Krai, Russia — airline «Khabarovsk airlines» L-410 crashed during landing at the airport of the village Nelkan. The crash killed six people: two pilots and four passengers survived only a four year old girl.

In addition, the reactive explosion killed a tourist, standing next to the runway on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin.

According to lead researcher To70, Adrian young, the probability of the catastrophe of the passenger plane is now a one in 16 million. «It is unlikely, of course, that such figures, as last year, will continue,» said Yang edition of The Independent. «However, the security level reached by civil aviation, is quite remarkable».

According to young, among the high risks for passengers – the risk of fire on Board the aircraft due to the increasing use of lithium-ion batteries in electronics. «They are difficult to extinguish if they were on fire. And while airlines around the world train their crews combat any fires in the cabin, the main task is to keep these batteries away from passengers.»

In 2016 in crashes of passenger planes killed 271 people, in 2015-m – 471 people, in 2014-m – 864 person.