Back to the future: the plane took off in 2018, and sat down in 2017

Back to the future: the plane took off in 2018, and sat down in 2017

Everyone knows that new year’s eve everything is possible, because it is a time of miracles, some of which are very logical explanation. For example, some planes are traveling not only long distances, but also in time, flying in 2018 and landing again in 2017. Blame the different time zones.

According to the schedule, the flight HA446 airlines Hawaiian Airlines flying from Auckland to Honolulu, had to go up in the air at 23:55 on New year’s eve and come in for a landing at 9:45 on the same day, 23-hour time difference between the points of departure and destination.

But because of the delay, the plane took off five minutes after midnight in the New year, and landed again at 10:16 on 31 December, but in the biggest city in Hawaii.

Because of an unexpected delay, Hawaiian Airlines flight 446 took off in 2018 and will land in 2017. #timetravel

— Sam Sweeney (@SweeneyABC) December 31, 2017

It was not only the plane, traveling through time and space in this new year’s eve. Another flight NZ40, bound from Auckland to Papeete, the capital French Polynesia, departed from the United States at 10:25 on January 1 and arrived at 16:25 31 Dec. A Twitter account called Flightradar24, which monitors planes around the world, have counted as many as six aircraft departing from Taipei, capital of Taiwan in 2018 and landing in the United States and Canada in 2017.

6 aircraft just took off from Taipei in year 2018, to bring their passengers back to the year 2017 in North America!#TimeTravel

— Flightradar24 (@flightradar24) December 31, 2017

If such miracles do not surprise you, it is possible to remember how the Finnish airlines flight number 666 went to HEL on Friday the 13th, which fell on October last year. The plane involved in a funny coincidence, actually flew from Copenhagen to Helsinki.