New York may be a new subway line

New York may be a new subway line

The Governor of the state of new York Andrew Cuomo to instruct the MTA to get an estimate for the construction of the new station (and line) metro station in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

This Commission Cuomo is one of the points of the plan for improving this area.

New York may be a new subway line

Cuomo also urged the port authority to explore the possibility of moving the marine operations of the Red Hook Container Terminal in Sunset Park’s South Brooklyn Marine Terminal.

«Red hook in Brooklyn is a great potential that is poorly used, so I appeal to the leadership of the port. This embankment can be used more productively for the community,» said Andrew Cuomo. «I also call on the MTA to take steps to improve transport links in the area, in particular to study the option of building a new subway line to connect Red hook with Manhattan.»

How AMNY reports on a bold plan Cuomo to extend the line from lower Manhattan through the new underwater tunnel. Of course, the timing is no no estimated cost of construction too.

The representative of the mayor of new York bill de Blasio, said that while early to speak about the details of the proposals of the Governor. «But we pay special attention to the transport in this district, who for too long remained «outside the city», — said the representative of the mayor.