Fighting cancer a woman has married a few hours before death

Fighting cancer a woman has married a few hours before death

«Till death do us part…» – this traditional wedding vows for the couple from Connecticut was definitely prophetic. A woman that struggled with breast cancer, got married the day before his death.

David and Heather Mosher met in the classroom swing in may 2015.

Fighting cancer a woman has married a few hours before death

«After that, we were pretty much inseparable,» he told reporters David.

23 December 2016, when the man was going to make his beloved the offer, Heather was diagnosed with a malignant breast tumor.

«She didn’t know what I was going to make a proposal of marriage that night, but I said to myself, she needs to know that she will not walk this road alone,» shared memories of the groom.

But after 5 days the doctors said that the cancer was triple-negative (one of the most aggressive forms that can be used with breast cancer). Despite weekly trips to the hospital for regular treatment, surgery and chemotherapy, by September 2017, the disease began to progress.

The pair have set a wedding date on 30 December 2017, but the doctors urged her to move closer. Thus, the ceremony was postponed to 22 December , and was held in the chapel of St. Francis.

The wedding was held according to all rules of this celebration: the ceremony came the relatives and friends of the couple, the groom was dressed in a black tuxedo and the bride in a wedding dress.

The last words said Heather was her wedding vow. The next day, exactly a year after the couple became engaged, the woman died.

«She’s my great love, and today I lost her, but lost her forever,» shared David.

The funeral took place on Saturday 30 December – a day that was originally scheduled wedding ceremony.


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