Syrian artist drew trump-refugee

Syrian artist drew trump-refugee

The Syrian artist has depicted the US President Donald trump and 10 other world leaders in the image of refugees in a series of paintings, currently on display at the show in Dubai.

Abdullah al Omari, who is in refugee status in Belgium, says his own experience led him to create «The Vulnerability Series».

«Being a refugee is like having a new organ in your body that you can’t do anything, but he will remain until the last day so you better get on with it,» said al-Omari CNN.

Described in a series of paintings of President trump is portrayed as a refugee, carrying a small child. His belongings and a sleeping pad behind the family picture is compressed in the right hand.

Also in the paintings depicted Russian President Vladimir Putin and Syrian President Bashar al Assad. Putin, whose armed forces conducted airstrikes in the areas of the rebels in Syria, depicted as a homeless man, Asad is wearing a paper hat.

In another painting called «the Turn» depicts an endless series of people waiting for food, including the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and former President of the United States Barack Obama.

Although the reaction to the picture was «90% positive», according to al-Omari, the artist also got a fair share of criticism.