To Brooklyn’s new waterfront Park

To Brooklyn’s new waterfront Park

This year Brooklyn can become a little greener, and no, we are not talking about the legalization of marijuana, and about a new initiative Andrew Cuomo, which he said in his annual speech on the state of Affairs in the state of new York. The Governor proposed to create a new state Park with an area of 407 acres near the Bay and Jamaica Bay.

Currently, the territory, where there should be Park and which includes two landfills, is on the balance of the Federal government, but the state of new York has already signed a preliminary agreement with the national Park Service about land transfer. In a press release from Cuomo’s office States that this will be the largest Park in the state of new York.

To Brooklyn’s new waterfront Park

«This place will become one of the jewels of downtown Brooklyn , where on the shores of Jamaica Bay will house a new Park with an area of several hundred acres,» — said in a press release. «We strive to ensure that every resident of the state of new York could have access to recreational, health facilities and public places for recreation in the fresh air, and this Park will become a new portal on the way to a healthier lifestyle for those new Yorkers who need it most».

It is expected that the first part of the Park will open in 2019 and will include the updated portion of the embankment with a length of 3.5 miles, Bicycle and pedestrian paths, as well as the coastal hills. The Park will create conditions for water recreation, including fishing and kayaking. There will be a coastal environmental education centers , as well as toilets, sheds and facilities for rent. Further stages involve the construction of a bridge between two objects of environmental education and amphitheatre open to the local audience.


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