American astronaut John young died at 87 years of age

American astronaut John young died at 87 years of age

American astronaut John young died 5 Jan 87 year of life. The astronaut was the first commander of the crew of 6 people and the first commander of the international staff. Yang participated in 6 flights, 3 of them as a crew commander. He spent in space 835 hours, and more than 15 thousand hours of training.

Young was born 24 September 1930 year in San Francisco and grew up in Orlando, the state of Florida. After receiving a degree in aeronautical engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1952 , the year he entered the Navy and graduated from pilot flight school. NASA selected him in 1962 year for their program.

American astronaut John young died at 87 years of age

What young was supposed to lead the mission «Atlantis«, and deliver into orbit the space telescope «Hubble«. This has not happened due to the sensational crash of the space Shuttle «Challenger» in 1986 year and the subsequent suspension of launching crews into space.

Remembering their lunar exploits, Yang told the Houston chronicle in 2004 year: «One-sixth gravity on the moon’s surface is just amazing. You know, it’s not like weightlessness. You can throw a pencil in zero gravity and look for him for three days. With gravity one-sixth you just look at his feet — and there he is.»

Lee silver, geologist, who prepared the astronauts for exploration of the moon, called Yang «an archetypal extraterrestrial». In simple words this means that it is the core environment of the astronauts.

Fact: the heart rate of the young during the landing on the moon was 90 beats per minute. For comparison, Armstrong was 150 beats.

«Today, NASA and the world has lost a pioneer. The legendary career of astronaut John young has covered three generations of space flight,» said Robert Lightfoot, NASA. «John belonged to one of those space pioneers whose bravery and commitment helped to make our country the first great achievements in space».

The exact time and cause of death of young are not specified yet.