Tax reform will force some States to change the policy

Tax reform will force some States to change the policy

Reform of taxation imposed by the GOP, officially designed to reduce the pressure on people’s purses. The new order of taxation implies a reduction of the tax rate and nearly doubles the tax deduction, and at the same time, it reduces the number of articles to deductible or reducing coverage, and individual benefits are almost negated.

In some States, the tax reform caused the deficient citizens and the administration that led to finding alternatives.

Tax reform will force some States to change the policy

For example, in new Jersey and California officials are going to allow people to replace the payment of certain taxes charitable contributions.

In the States of Connecticut and new York engaged in the search for a replacement for the income tax when payroll, and some governors and all called for tax cuts.

This week tax reform Republicans became a contender to get to the list of policies of the administration trump disputed by the representatives of the Democratic party in court. The initiator was the Governor of new York Andrew Cuomo, who said about his demand to sue on the tax plan during his speech and called the reform «an attack from the Republican party.»

The President of the Senate of the state of California The Kevin de león, Democrat of Los Angeles introduced the bill, which will allow you to make a charitable contribution as an alternative to income tax residents of the state.

«Our hard-earned tax dollars should not be subjected to double taxation, especially, should not go in the pockets of families trump, hedge Fund managers and owners of private aircraft,» said de Leon in a statement.

The Republican governors of the States of Maryland and Michigan said that they will introduce special incentives to compensate for individual taxpayers tax benefits, after a bill about the Republican party removed them.

«Protecting taxpayers should be the problem of both parties, so this is my holiday gift to residents of Maryland,» said last month, Larry Hogan, a Republican from Maryland.