The situation with traffic in downtown Los Angeles will be even worse

The situation with traffic in downtown Los Angeles will be even worse

The traffic in downtown Los Angeles- not the most exciting topic of conversation. And given that the news is not too bright, and not very pleasant.

The city authorities announced that one of the major corridors for traffic in both directions in the direction of the highway 101 Freeway and 110 Freeway will be closed from June to November.

In some areas Sixth Street traffic will be completely blocked in connection with the preparatory work for the construction of rail track for LRT Downtown Connector. Cars moving South on the 101 Freeway will be forced to do a lap around Fourth Street or Ninth Street, completely circling Sixth Street. If you go North on the 110 Freeway, you’ll be able to slip on Sixth Street, but the bypass route will still be the best idea, as by Sixth Street you still will not get far. Once you get to the Flower Street, to the East of the motorway, you will have to turn right. If you travel East from downtown to the 110 Freeway, you don’t threaten any changes in traffic (at least now).

Despite the fact that authorities promise to do everything possible to save the citizens from inconvenience, the next five months may well be a nightmare, as too many in the city are Sixth Street. When the street was blocked off last time, resourceful motorists have called this time of the homicide. But even Karmageddon lasted only 40 hours. What can we say about a few months.

Nevertheless, even such lingering difficulties, ultimately, are the final result. Next autumn, the city becomes one step closer to the construction of the tunnel for the metro, which will connect the Gold line with the Expo and Blue line, which will greatly simplify life for those who use public transport.