People of what professions Americans find most honest and least

People of what professions Americans find most honest and least

It so happened in our life that people are not all professions are considered honest and decent. This is due to many factors – the amount of power that they have to perform, and, hence, a set of personal qualities they possess, the effectiveness, the number of violations recorded in a particular professional environment. Of course, this assessment is mainly subjective. For example, the man who was twice misdiagnosed, is unlikely to trust doctors and, conversely, who recovered from cancer will trust them more. All the same General trends are observed. The online Gallup conducted its 16th annual survey and found how the same professions in the United States rely more or less remaining at year-end 2017.

Thus, the results of the survey showed that Americans tend to think of the most honest nurses (82%). In second place in the rating of trust to representatives of different professions are the military (71%). Followed by teachers (66%), doctors (65%), pharmacists (62%), police (56%), kindergarten teachers (46%). Disappointing, but judges and members of the clergy were in the middle of the list with rates of 46% and 42% of respondents ‘ votes. By the way, the priests in this year fell to the lowest level of confidence in the entire history of the United States. The highest rating was in 1985. Then 67% of Americans believed that the clergy has a high moral and ethical qualities, and exceptional honesty.

Still less the public trusts journalists of Newspapers and television reporters (25% and 23%, respectively).

The most «unfair» profession Americans believe the profession of lobbyist (trust them only 8% of citizens). Among the other occupations that are not credible, the Americans – lawyers, officials, members of Congress, heads of companies.

The survey was conducted from December 4 to December 11, 2017. The error results is 4%.

People of what professions Americans find most honest and