Bus station George Washington Bridge reopened after repairs

Bus station George Washington Bridge reopened after repairs

Repair at the bus station George Washington Bridge lasted a very long time, but finally it’s over and the station reopened.

The process of the reconstruction cost of 183 million dollars began in 2014 year and should have been completed during the year, but far behind schedule … two years. The reason for the contractor called the complexity of the operations over a busy network of highways.

One of the biggest complaints from travellers was associated with the need to overcome the too steep staircase to get to the buses.

But starting today, passengers can use the escalators at the entrance from Fort Washington Avenue or Elevator at the entrance from Broadway.

«It’s really good because now I don’t have to climb those terrible stairs. In winter it is very scary because it is snowing, the wind is blowing,» said one passenger.

The new station includes a heated and air-conditioned waiting area accommodating more than 100 persons, and electronic display.

The George Washington Bridge Bus Station has reopened! Check out these photos and visit our website to learn more. https://t.co/mfmIn9Ul69 pic.twitter.com/Q5Kv2sULkK

— Port Authority NY&NJ (@PANYNJ) May 16, 2017