16 million Americans think that chocolate milk came from brown cows give

16 million Americans think that chocolate milk came from brown cows give

Seven percent of American adults are convinced that chocolate milk came from brown cows produce — these are the findings of an online poll commissioned by the organization of the Innovation Center of U.S. Dairy.

In numbers, it is about 16.4 million people, equivalent to, for example, the population of Pennsylvania.
On the illiteracy of Americans in the field of agriculture , researchers say in the early 90-ies. Then, according to the results of one survey, one in five Americans did not know that the meat in the hamburger is beef.

Experts believe that over the decades, this deplorable situation has not changed.
Not so long ago, for example, a group of researchers conducted a survey of high school students in California. Over half of the students did not know that onions and lettuce are plants. On average, four out of ten people didn’t know about the burgers is the meat of cows, and three out of ten students had no idea that cheese is made from milk.

Knowledge adults too, not on the level. Thus, the Ministry of agriculture saying, orange juice is the most popular «fruit» in America, and chips — one of the most popular «vegetables».
«If you want food, you go to the store. In our education system children do not tell about how food is produced before its time getting to the store,» says Cecily Arton, co-founder of the nonprofit organization FoodCorps, which is engaged in educational activities in the field of agriculture.

But gradually the situation began to change. So, in the 2017-2018 year allocated five million dollars for the program the USDA Farm to School educational projects in the field of agriculture.