Rainbow tracks may remain in new York forever

Rainbow tracks may remain in new York forever

Special rainbow lanesdedicated to the month of the LGBT community can stay in the city permanently.

Inspired by the success of similar projects in Washington and Atlanta, Tim Robinson has created an online petitionin which he asked the new York mayor, bill de Blasio allowed to have the colored paths throughout the city. The purpose of this step is to attract the attention of people to the problemsthat plague the members of the LGBT community, for example, discrimination in relation to housing and health care, prejudice against others, disproportionately high rates of suicide and homicide. Robinson says he and his husband want their daughter raised in the city, where they take people regardless of their orientation.

If the de Blasio administration will give its consent to the implementation of the project, it will show that the city openly supports the LGBT community.

According to Robinson, new York has always been among the pioneers in the fight for the rights of the LGBT community, to recall Stonewalls riots. New York should be proud of their people and telling the world that he supports equality. That is what takes the author of the petition.

In 2016, rainbow lanes at two intersections within the Week of the LGBT community. Walk the rainbow was at the intersection of 36th street and Fifth Avenue and at the intersection of Christopher street near the Stonewall Inn hotel. They marked the start and end points of the Marsh pride.

Robinson believes that even one permanent rainbow junction can drastically change the situation. He hopes that the questions about how many striking tracks should appear in the city and where to best position, will be submitted for open discussion.

As we are approaching the anniversary of the riots Stonewalls, Robinson hopes that the de Blasio administration will give serious consideration to his request.

Currently, the petition has already gathered 3,600 signatures of the 4,000 planned.