Why people become homeless in San Francisco?

Why people become homeless in San Francisco?

The last count of the homeless in San Francisco, conducted one night in January, shows that residents in the city 7 499 people.

This is less than the latter figure in 2015 — 7539 . But it’s still too much compared to 2013 year (7350 ) and previous periods.

Sixth district, which includes the Tenderloinhas the highest rate of homeless people. Only live here 3665 people who are homeless. In 2015, the figure was 4528, and in 2013 he was 3593.

Fourth district — Sunset, has the lowest rate — only 7 homeless people.

In Golden Gate Parkwhere the homeless population is counted separately from other areas, the figure was 313 people compared to 252 in 2015.

About a third of homeless people in San Francisco were women, 61% men and 5% transgender. Of the total number of homeless people 30% will belong to the LGBT community. There are those who have not yet decided on their floors, according to the survey.

If we talk about ethnicity, then 34% of the homeless in San Francisco- African-Americans (although the total population African Americans make up only 6%), 35% white, 4% Asian, 3% were native American, and 2% Hawaiians and residents of other Islands of the Pacific, 22% of homeless identified as «multiracial».

But homeless youth in San Francisco has become a less – 513 in comparison with the previous year to 853 people.

Interesting seems the analysis of homelessness in San Francisco from the point of view of its causes. So, according to 22% of the respondents homeless, they started to do this lifestyle because of a job loss, 15% — because of alcohol or drug abuse, 13% — due to family quarrels and conflict, 12% — because of the check-out option and 10% — because of the divorce.

Among the factors that are the biggest obstacle in finding a new permanent housing for homeless residents of San Francisco called: the high cost of rent (56% of respondents), unemployment (33%) and lack of housing in the rental market (25%).