In the state of new Jersey recorded the highest increase in deaths from drug overdose

Alzheimer’s disease, breast cancer, cervical, colon and other deadly diseases, all together in 2018 take fewer lives than raging now opioid crisis.

The disappointing data was published by the initiative group NJ Cares. According to statistics, in new Jersey, in 2018, there is a catastrophic growth rate of deaths related to overdose of narcotic drugs. If the situation continues to develop in a similar way, by the end of the year the number of deaths will reach 3 thousand people. This means that for the third year in a row will be a record-breaking performance in this sad rating.

765 – it is this figure appears in the current statistics of deaths from drug overdose. The mortality rate will outstrip the sixth position in this list, and on the street only April.

In the state of new Jersey recorded the highest increase in deaths from drug overdosePhoto: screenshot Plotly

«Given the current pace, we are forced to admit that the result will greatly exceed the figures recorded in 2016 and 2017. It means that we can not cope with the situation,» — commented on the results of monitoring , Gurbir Grewal, the Prosecutor of the state of new Jersey.

In past years, the data lagged behind the actual situation at 12-15 months, but thanks to a special program NJ Cares now information on deaths from overdose of narcotic drugs comes almost instantly. This allows you to estimate the rate of growth and predict the further development of the situation. Unfortunately, the state government, as the country’s leadership, do not have time to deal with the problem of opioid crisis, the first signs of which manifested itself in 2016.

Experts of the Ministry of health of the United States had previously accused the team of Donald trump in slowness on the development of measures to prevent the epidemic of opioids. The white house in response to these statements unveiled a new plan to combat the drug crisis that was presented last month, and as planned by the officials must solve an urgent problem.