82.5 thousand people donated $6.3 million for a canadian hockey team got in an accident

Just a couple of days passed since a terrible car accident, which killed 15 members of the team, Humboldt Broncos, and caring people from all over the world managed to donate $6.2 million to help the victims of the accident and the families of the victims.

As soon as the popular website charity background GoFundMe was created a page with the simple title «Means Humboldt Broncos«, the account began to receive thousands of donations. In total this event was attended by already 82,5 thousand people and raised $6.3 million it took just two days.

Recall that the accident occurred on 7 April, at about 17:00 local time, on highway 35, near the town of Tisdale, Canada. A bus carrying members of the Humboldt Broncos head-on collided with a truck, resulting in 15 people killed. In addition to the players, with the life goodbye is also the head coach of the team, its captain, broadcaster, statistician, and bus driver.

«Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of athletes and all those affected by this terrible tragedy. Our team is in shock, and we have no idea how to cope with this incredible loss,» said Kevin Herring, President of the Humboldt Broncos.

The leadership team and relatives of the victims asked all concerned to be of all possible assistance and to contact the charities involved in collecting funds for overcoming the consequences of the tragedy. The driver of the truck involved in the accident, after a short detention was released. At the moment the investigators understand the causes of the accident.