Across America by bus

America is a country where people love to travel. And in the most different types of transport, ranging from bicycles to aircraft of all sizes.

I want to talk about this form of transport as buses.

Bus service between cities in the United States is the cheapest form of transport available. Everything else is a great alternative for those who doesn’t drive for one reason or another your own car. Of course, a train ticket, too, will not hit the pocket, but the problem is that the system of passenger trains is not as developed, so the passenger can reach almost anywhere in America. In this respect, bus carriers more widely spread its network of routes.

Across America by bus

Adirondack Trailways

Low cost tickets, special rates for seniors, students, etc., comfortable buses with comfortable seats adapted for people with special needs, and «lifts» for wheelchairs, the availability of Wi-Fi and sockets — all of Adirondack Trailways.

The advantages to this company are quick responses of the employees on handling email, phone, through social networks (Twitter, Facebook) and the low cost of tickets (from $35).

Minuses, in my opinion, can be considered that buses of this company are only available for traveling inside of the state of new York, and the fact that the tickets are non-refundable.

When boarding the bus you will need your printed ticket and current ID with photo.

Not to be unfounded, I decided to go to the famous site of Yelp reviews, and that’s what I read about this and all of the following companies.

I quote excerpts from Yelp reviews:

Alex B.: «I was on the bus this company when I was still a student. Many years later, I again ride on buses Trailways, because you can’t drive your car. Machines became quite different: many of them now have leather seats, each with a Wi-Fi and sockets to charge your phone. The drivers are great professionals. In short, if you are looking for a simple way to get into the mountains and do not like the costs, it is the easiest way to travel».

Nel A.: «overall I had a very pleasant experience of the trip to the ski resort Belleayre. I used to take other buses from new York to resorts. This bus was a normal bus to Albany, so I had to stay in Kingston and take the bus to Belvar. This is what I found a bit annoying. But all the buses arrived on time, was clean and driven by good drivers.»

However, reviews are not only positive, although there are some.

Ray S.: «Disgusting! The company did not care about specifying the location of the bus on the pdf version of the ticket, and I had to run around looking for the bus across the station like a mad horse.»

Across America by bus


Budget branch of the shipping company Greyhound (I’ll talk about it below), which serves the North-East and West coast of the United States of America. The peculiarity of the services of this company lies in the fact that the buses BoltBus ride from point A to point B without intermediate stops, and tickets can be purchased for as little as $1. Also very nice that a travel document can be exchanged if something does not work and need to reschedule. The cost of such services is low — only $4.

When boarding the bus you will need a valid ID with photo, verified phone number of the order ticket (or confirmation email from the phone screen), or electronic (as an option, printed) ticket.

Passengers ‘ reviews on Yelp:

Brooklyn V.:«Great customer service, as usual. Clean buses. Professional drivers».

Steven L.: «I Took the tickets from DC to NYC. Was very pleased. All the time, fast, neat, comfortable and professional.»

Raymond S.: «Alas, my experience of the bus trip this company is sad. I got a ticket, just come to the station, but the bus was delayed by almost an hour. The company did not care to receive the notification or just go out to the passengers and to comment on the situation. Disappointed.»

Chelsea S.: «I love the buses of this company, but what upsets me is the attitude of the administration to the passengers. I often go and sit at a particular stop. Stop moved, and I have not received any notice.»

Across America by bus

Jefferson Lines

Perhaps, this carrier can be considered the largest in Central America. He serves as many as 12 States: Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

Passengers are offered comfortable buses with wifi, comfortable seats with built-in sockets. Aboard a toilet. The downside is the expensive exchange of the ticket — about $20.

When boarding the bus you will need a printed ticket and current ID with photo.

Passengers ‘ reviews on Yelp:

Aptos K.: «Many are beginning to complain when something is not satisfied. I have no complaints on Jefferson Lines. I rarely use the buses, so was a little weary. At the same time the buses arrived on time and was very clean. The drivers are very friendly attitude even to my 50lb-bike, I rode from Bemidji to Brainerd».

Barclay W.: «I have used the services of the company, when my wife and I married. To our guests did not go behind the wheel drunk, we rented two buses from the company. Were delighted, because the service at the highest level, professional, courteous drivers, very clean and tidy buses. All our guests were very pleased. Thank You To The Jefferson Lines».

Nathan G.: «This is a terrible company. Twice I have used her services twice and was late for an important meeting. The first time it was service in the Church, and the second time I was late for a date with a girl from Ohio. She dumped me, and I blame Jefferson Lines».

Across America by bus

Express carrier Megabus

Known for its low prices and rapid transportation between major us cities. Everything else in the event of any unforeseen changes in the travel ticket can be exchanged for only $2.

As for landing documents, they are standard: a ticket (printed or on your phone screen) and ID with photo.

Passengers ‘ reviews on Yelp:

Michael F.: «of Course, they’re not perfect, but I repeatedly get tickets this company. I really like their service, prices and professional drivers, but do not like the fact that the seats are of medium size, which gives me, big guy, some inconvenience.»

Nicolas M.: «the Worst customer service. Call center if you will be able to reach him, is the most rude and useless bunch of idiots. I was not given space in the trunk, and all the way was not working Wi-Fi. The only thing that saved the trip, excellent driver and comfortable bus.»

Emily B.: «I have many times traveled on buses and prefer the company of a Bolt, but apart from the overcrowding I have not noticed other problems in Megabus. People don’t read reviews — travel ourselves. All the views of the individual».

Across America by bus


Speaking of big companies, then perhaps in this case not to mention Greyhound, which covered more than 4 thousand routes across America and offers a comfortable journey in any area. Buses Greyhound has a Wi-Fi transmitter, a toilet, comfortable armchairs, and built-in sockets, etc.

When planting, you will need a printed ticket and a valid ID with photo. As for ticket exchange, it is possible to easily carry for $20.

Passengers ‘ reviews on Yelp:

Ian Y.: «People and bags — the biggest problem is stations Greyhound. The gate right in front of the stop, and little space. In the end, all yelling at each other and create a terrible noise. But overall I still like it.»

Sal M.: «Use the buses many times and took tickets for complex itineraries. Never any problems.»

Jason H.: «shocking service and «dead» call center. My route, like all others, was canceled because of the storm. I have not received a notification, and when I arrived at the station, it was dark and empty. I called the call center, but to a living person couldn’t. I will no longer use the services of Greyhound and choose another company.»

Across America by bus


And a bit of beauty, to see which is cheap enough will help luxury RedCoach carrier. This company is famous for the fact that it offers passengers with tourist and other routes in Florida.

Given the specificity of the routes the company has in its fleet different machines. This simple buses, and the buses are first class, during the trip, which provides meals and chairs can change the tilt to 140 degrees.

It is noteworthy that to exchange or return tickets are only passengers of regular buses, and the Commission thus varies. But as the bus passengers other classes, then tickets will not be exchanged.

When landing will require a printed ticket and a valid ID with photo.

Passengers ‘ reviews on Yelp:

Jeff S.: «This is my favorite company. We go often, always the buses come on time. Cars are clean, well maintained, always courteous drivers. Glad that I can tell prospective passengers about the company.»

Crisbel P.: «Paid for first class, and sat in the trash. Why next to me put the pig? I was outraged, but no one responded. Won’t ride buses this company. I want to comfort when I cry.»

Carlos T.: «Guys, this is such a great company that I can’t contain the excitement. Was driving with his pregnant wife, and she became a little bad. Driver Daniel immediately stopped and helped us. All the passengers understood, and not resented. Thanks again!»

Of course, this is not all bus carriers in the United States, otherwise the list would be too long. As I said, this is a very well-developed trend of services rendered to the population. But I mentioned only those, which are more often at the hearing. If you know and have successfully (or unsuccessfully) used other bus companies, welcome to «the commentator». Good luck and see you soon!