Summer in new York: rats and pizza (video)

Summer in new York: rats and pizza (video)

In September 2015, the Internet community stirred up a video in which a rat was dragged along the steps of the subway a slice of pizza (just like in the famous game Pizza Rat). Although rats in new York is no surprise, then, video was a living illustration of the fact that people in the Big Apple is not so very different from the four-legged, furry inhabitants of a city subway.

This summer, the rodents again hit the frame of the observation of new Yorkers. This time the action took place in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, where caudate being so very hungry that seduced an entire pizza in the trash bag that it was carrying a whole bag across the pavement to get their dirty little paws personal piece of happiness. At this time, the video proves that rats in new York are incredibly strong, and their love for the Italian culinary treasure that is much deeper than many of us previously thought (or at this particular rats in the sewers left four orphan turtles that need to feed to those in the future that could protect the city from evil).

An incredible ratio of power and weight in relation to small rodent, makes you believe that if rats were smart enough to organize themselves into some semblance of a unified community, they easily could take over the city for several days. In the end, in every area of new York is not complete without tailed the robbers.

The picture, of course, frightening, but the question is: who even came to mind to throw out a whole pizza?