A marriage of convenience: the Jamaican illegally obtained U.S. citizenship

A native of Jamaica was convicted of organizing a fraud scheme for the sake of obtaining American citizenship.

Officers of citizenship and US immigration services (USCIS) found that in 2007, the Jamaican Michael Fraser paid American approximately $8-10 thousand for a marriage not for love. After that he was able to obtain a green card, and in 2013 the Fraser passed through the procedure of naturalization. It seemed that everything goes according to plan, but soon the newly American made a mistake.

Within two months after receipt of the passport of the citizen of the United States, Frazier filed for divorce and soon married the mother of his child, who was also a citizen of Jamaica. Frazier then filed the necessary documents to the immigration service that his spouse has received a residence permit legally.

The immigration officer suspected Fraser of lying. USCIS officer noticed that the wife of the accused claimed that she lived with Frasier at the same time when he supposedly lived with his previous wife. The defendant also withheld information about a child who was born a year before the conclusion of fictitious marriage.

District judge in Miami Beth F. bloom has to choose for the Fraser measure, on 10 July 2018.