Test purchase | Best and worst brands of olive oil in the leading supermarkets

Olive oil is on the table everyone who takes care o your health. No wonder this rich in vitamins and fatty acids, the product is called liquid gold.

Its unique composition supports the work of our heart and brain, making the blood vessels flexible, improves digestion, strengthens bones, and generally rejuvenates the body. This elixir of health and is indispensable in cooking, as part of many dishes.

Ho oil oil alike. Products from different manufacturers differ from each other in taste, useful properties and cost. How to choose the best option? In fact on the shelves of supermarkets we are waiting for dozens of different bottles c price tags from $2 to $10 extra.

The portal tastingtable.com conducted a blind tasting of olive oils average price from a range of leading U.S. supermarkets. The samples were compared on taste and aroma, t e. according to the criteria that are most important in cooking.

Higher scores were given only 2 of the product.


California Olive Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil

($0,Z2 per ounce, or 28,34 g)

The leader of the ranking. He the cheapest option, but its buttery flavor and delicate aroma are worth every paid cent. The oil of this brand is included in the permanent assortment of Walmart and Target.


Trader Giotto»s 100% Italian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

($0.32 per ounce)

The taste surprises with an ideal balance of softness, bitterness, and a light ostrenko.

On the fan:


Filippo Berio

($0,63 per ounce)

Perfect for those who don’t like the characteristic bitterness and pungency of olive oil and its specific flavor. Neutral odour and taste make it a versatile ingredient for all sorts of dishes.



($0,59 per ounce)

Intense fruity aroma of the product from the brand will appeal not for everyone, because it can distort the taste of the food, changing it beyond recognition.


Trader Giotto»s Extra Virgin Olive Oil

($0.24 per ounce)

Budget product made from a mixture of olives from different European suppliers, which could not affect its quality: synthetic flavor is immediately noticeable as soon as you open the bottle. However, this does not mean that the oil should be discarded. It can be used in dishes where it is not a key ingredient.


De Cecco

($0.47 per ounce)

Unusual herbaceous aroma of this oil is so strong that interrupts its taste, allowing you to discern all its nuances. This oil can be added to a salad mixed with vinegar or lemon juice.



($0,67 per ounce)

This product has been the most controversial. One experts it seemed too bitter, others found it full-bodied taste with pine notes a huge advantage. A definite minus is the price.