Tickets into space and rolls-Royce as a bonus when buying the most expensive penthouse in new York

New York is known for its space real estate prices, but this offer has surpassed all previous.

For $85 million you could be the owner of 15 thousand square foot duplex penthouse in the Atelier at the intersection of 635 W 42nd Street and 12th Avenue in the district of Hell’s Kitchen. $ 5 666 per sq ft — a record high for Hell’s Kitchen.

This price is driven not only by the penthouse, how nice «bonus» to boot:

  • The first thing that touches is, of course, the opportunity to fly in space. The standard price for this flight from the company Virgin Galactic is $250 thousand per seat.
  • Transport the owner of the exclusive apartments also provide: two Rolls-Royce Phantoms and Lamborghini Aventador Roadster is also included.
  • And at leisure you can surf the water spaces with a 75-foot yacht for $1 million. The first 5 years of service on the docking stations already paid for.
  • All summer I propose to spend in a luxurious mansion in the Hamptons, a regular rental price which is $350 thousand per season.
  • The annual free lunch for two at restaurant of chef Daniel Boulud (Daniel Boulud);
  • Tickets to the Brooklyn Nets, at the price of $225 thousand
  • And finally private chef and Butler for the whole year is also provided.

Who is the owner? Daniel Neidich (Daniel Neiditch ), who is also the head of the Atelier building and the President of the condominium building, is author marketing ideas. 39-year-old investor, owner of a brokerage River 2 River Realty, claims that do not sell living space and lifestyle.

«I offer my life style, any foreigner can at one moment to adopt it,» says Daniel and adds, «This is not the case when I’m trying to just get rid of unnecessary, I think, I created a great package-the offer».

At the same time, the real estate market is very skeptical. Experts say that the building is available for 5 years, and Neidich moved just now.

The owner claims that it will pay any taxes associated with the transfer of its plush toys, which cost approximately $5 million, he will not allow the buyer to deduct the cost of the unwanted items from the asking price.

«If they don’t want the items that come with the sale, they can sell them,» said Daniel.

Buying is not instantaneous. At the moment, the penthouse is 13 spaces. «Obtaining permits and planning can take anywhere from six to nine months. Actual construction could probably be completed minimally a year or 18 months, » said new York architect Peter Pennoyer, which are often involved in condominiums (combining areas).

At the same time, Daniel Neidich says have refused the offer to $50 million.

Well, I wonder who will be the proud owner of the most gorgeous of the new York packet.