Senator Graham, after meeting with McCain: «We haven’t talked about the funeral»

The Senator from South Carolina Lindsey Graham went to Arizonato see John McCain. After all, this visit could be the last meeting of close friends.

Two weeks ago, McCain, who suffers from an aggressive form of brain cancer, was hospitalized because of a stomach infection.

«The last time I saw him, he only came out after surgery and I was really concerned about [his health], said Graham in an interview with CNN. — He had quite a serious operation in a weakened state».

But this time Graham was pleasantly surprised.

«When I arrived, [it turned out that he gained weight, he has appetite. We saw our favorite Western, «the Man who shot liberty Vallance,» — shared his impressions of the meeting with another Republican, noting that McCain even released an obscene joke.

So the reason to talk about the imminent demise of McCain is not, says Graham.

Senator Graham, after meeting with McCain: «We haven’t talked about the funeral»Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain

«We talked about what to do this summer. Maybe we can have some events at the McCain Institute if he’s well enough,» he told the Senator about his other plans.

According to Graham, McCain did not intend to leave the senatorial post.

Graham also stressed that the important role in the life of McCain plays his wife Cindy, who protects her husband and does everything for his speedy recovery.

Friends talked a lot about the new book McCain, the output of which is scheduled for late may.

«I think that is perhaps the most important is his book, Graham said. — In the book… he talks about isolationism. I think that the biggest threat to world order is isolationism in America and the impact of strong personalities. I hope that people will read this book. I think that for those who want to serve democracy, it should be required reading».

At the end of last week the information appeared on the guest list for the funeral of McCain. The American media immediately noted that there are no US President Donald trump, with whom McCain is on the outs. It is noteworthy that the precursors to trump George W. Bush and Barack Obama are not just invited to the funeral ceremony, and even giving a speech.