In new York city have damaged a Picasso for $70 million

In new York, before the auction , Christie’s ruined the painting by Pablo Picasso , Le Marin («Sailor») — a self-portrait of the artist, written in 1943.

According to the auction house, the painting was accidentally damaged on Friday during the final stages of preparation for the exhibition, scheduled for may 12-15. It reversed and sent for restoration.

Painting size 130 * 81 cm and cost about $70 million belongs to the gambling tycoon Steve Winno. Along with it, the hammer had to leave the other two paintings — «Woman with cats» (Picasso), which «Sailor» was one lot with a starting price of $105 million, and «Double Elvis» (Andy Warhol). In the incident at the auction went only «Elvis».

It should be noted that Windu unlucky with the works of Picasso. Suffering from vision defects, millionaire own with his elbow punched a hole in another he owns the painting — Le Reve («Dream»). It happened in 2006, when he was showing the painting to friends.