In the United States because of metal particles has withdrawn more than 100 thousand kg of canned SPAM and other products

The Ministry of agriculture of the USA announced that the company Hormel had to recall more than 228 thousand pounds (100 thousand kg) of SPAM and other meat products canning «for additional precautions».

May 26, Service safety and testing food products (Food Safety Inspection Service — FSIS) announced that four consumers complained of metal fragments in canned products of the trade mark SPAM. FSIS has not informed how metal particles could get into products.

After complaints from across the country were recalled cans marked SPAM Classic weight 12 oz (0.33 kg) and expiration date to February 2021. FSIS warns that in using these cans, you risk to injuries of the oral cavity. If you buy Hormel products with hazardous content service advises to throw them away immediately or return to the store.

In its official statement, the manufacturer Hormel stressed that «the health and safety of consumers is our main concern.»

In 2016, the firm voluntarily withdrew 40 boxes of Dinty Moore Beef Stew for almost the same reason — because of possible contact with «unauthorized materials.»

Fear of losing your position in the market of canned Hormel company in 1936, has manufactured products under the new brand of SPAM. Its launch was accompanied by large-scale advertising campaign, but the most popular meat SPAM (or rather, stew and sausages) received during the Second world war.

In the beginning of this month due to the outbreak of Salmonella was withdrawn 206 749 248 eggs.