The NYPD does not have time to investigate rape

Due to the lack of personnel, the division for investigation of rape by the police Department of new York (New York City Police Department — NYPD) is unable to ensure the quality of consideration of applications of citizens. This, in particular, showed the proceedings against the media Mogul Harvey Weinstein.

In the report of municipal investigations Department (Department of Investigation — DOI) provides the following statistics: in 2017 in the investigation 282 murders were involved 101 detective new York police Department, while more than 5 thousand cases of rape and sexual harassment were considered only 67 detectives.

The shortage of specialists forced the NYPD to take the only high-profile cases, at least the same public statements are dealt with by local police stations, whose staff have less experience and training which affects the quality of investigations.

After analyzing the internal documents, and interviewing former employees of the special Department of the NYPD, and the victims of sexual harassment, the Department of Investigation stated that since 2009 in the field of sexual offences was 65%, while the number of employees of the Department practically has not changed.

In its report, DOI recommended that the NYPD is doubling the staff of the Department for investigation of rape, to increase the efficiency of its work.