New scheme: be careful opening email from the airline

New scheme: be careful opening email from the airline

The start of the summer season, which means many of us decided to go on a journey, but the scammers, as always, not asleep. When you mail comes an email from the airline, be careful, because sometimes it can be a trap.

At first glance, the present letter and fake like: just flight details Delta Airlines. But sometimes, even if you don’t have a ticket, you may still be able to open it out of curiosity. Adam Levin, founder of the CyberScout, said, «If you click on the link in the email, you will be thrown on the website with the malware. There you will download emails, logins, information about VPN, banking and applications. And this list can be a long list».

CyberScout is a company that searches for hackers, thieves and even keeps track of a simple error. Levin warned that one – click and the malware will spread throughout the device.

To distinguish the letter on several parameters: first, the return address should be but a Scam it appears as DeltaA. Secondly, in this letter the information is in the letter and you’ll never have to go to the website. And again, look at your spelling and grammar. These letters can meet imperceptible, at first glance, typos and double spaces after the comma.