Emotional speech of 4-year-old girl won the Internet (video)

Emotional speech of 4-year-old girl won the Internet (video)

Children and cats are the two main love the online community. Is just a cute video to appear on the network as it collects in a matter of hours millions of views. That’s what happened with a short video of a graduation in kindergarten, which is four year old Sophia from Miami were shining a real star on the background of other children, thanks to its extremely emotional performance of the song How Far I’ll Go from disney’s «Moana«.

As soon as I heard the first notes of the melody charming the child began actively gesticulating and dancing, singing heroine. The girl’s mother managed to capture all the action. The woman posted a note on his page in Facebook, where for a couple of days the movie has collected 13 million views.

Classmates Sofia sang and danced rather cautiously, as he showed them adults. But this simple direction could not accommodate the talent of Sofia, which riveted the eyes of the audience, standing center stage.

The girl’s mother says that Sofia and in life is very active and emotional child. By publishing the video, the woman and could not imagine that it will gather so many hits.