School in Georgia will use a wooden spoon to corporal punishment

School Hefziba (GA) stunned parents of students the introduction of corporal punishment.

The administration of the Georgia School of Innovation and the Classics (it’s a kindergarten and a secondary school up to 9th grade) were sent to parents for signature of the notice of return to the practice of corporal punishment «paddle» (or «Bedlam») — wooden tool in the form of an elongated plate with a handle.

According to representatives of the school district Jody Bulino, about 100 parents sent forms back, but about a third gave consent to the use of paddles in relation to their children.

«In my school, we are very serious about discipline,’ said Bulino. — There was a time when corporal punishment of students is the norm — and nothing happened».

In the form that you can sign or not to sign parents says they will notify about the upcoming punishment. No penalty shall be imposed after 3 violations occur behind closed doors, the child does not receive more than 3 strikes. Stated in the document and paddle dimensions: length — 60 cm, width 15 cm, thickness about 2 cm

School District Decides To Bring Back Paddling After Getting Consent From Parents

— Jfirewalker (@jwalkrelse) September 11, 2018

According to Bulino, some parents even approved school initiative. «I heard from them: «Finally. Such punishment should never have been cancelled,» said Bulino.

Although paddling many years of not being used in American schools, by law he is allowed in Georgia and 19 other States.