A video where a blind girl, not knowing English, sings the hit of Whitney Houston gathered 17 million views

Elsie from the Philippines from birth does not see, so never went to school and knows no English. However, this does not prevent her amazing control of their voice and masterfully perform world hits, as a true professional.

A video in which a girl sings the legendary I Will Always Love You the late Whitney Houston, gathered more than 17 million views, 188 thousand 275 thousand of likes and reposts. Such a reaction is not surprising: if you turn on the video and close your eyes, you will understand that her a Capella performance is absolutely indistinguishable from the original (at least for the layman).

Also surprised by the history of ELSI, which said Darrell Burnett, a user who posted the entry in Facebook. Blind and uneducated girl living in a small fishing village in the Philippines and teaches songs, just by repeating them after listening. Users of social networks very moved by her story and talent.

«She’s so beautiful as her voice. She brought me to tears,» wrote one commenter.

Mostly everyone thinks that its performance is incredible and fascinating. And some even advised her to try your hand at one of the popular us singing show like the Voice or American idol.

The story of Elsie is similar to the story of a girl from Mexico named Julia Marisa. She is also blind she also has autism and echolalia is a neurological disorder characterized by repetition of words after another person, but it also sounds great. Like Elsie, Julia does not speak English, and learns the songs, repeating the familiar sounds. In the Arsenal of covers it also has a famous track in Houston.